About Lexi

Lexi St. John is an award-winning and versatile writer, director, and editor for film, television, and new media from Los Angeles, California.

She studied film at New York University and produced many visual projects, including two short films - SUBMERGED and BOUND - each highly awarded and selected to film festivals around the world. Her films were recently picked up by Hewes Pictures, the only short film sales agency in the Unites States. Her new short film CARGO is currently being submitted to festivals. 

Professionally, Lexi has written and pitched TV shows and movie concepts to networks and producers. She developed an adapted screenplay with Media Sparks Entertainment, and recently freelanced an episode of a new animated show for Nickelodeon premiering in 2017. 

Lexi became the Director of Global Development for The QYOU in 2018, and now leads initiatives all over the world with an impressive audience reach on track to be almost 800 million in 2019. 

Lexi is very passionate about what she does and is loyal to the people she works with. She's dedicated to filling her life and career with other talented people and high quality entertainment!

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